MeiMei: Create Your Kanji Name!

This landmark iPhone app enables you to enter your name in the alphabet(or Hiragana/Katakana)
and convert it into an original kanji name.
You can play again and again until you find your favorite spelling.
And you can also combine your new kanji name with beautiful traditional Japanese designs to be printed on original merchandise.
This app is optimized for iPhone 5 as well.

How to Use
It’s easy to create your own original kanji name.
1. Getting Started
Tap the “START” button on the title screen.
2. Enter Your Name
Use the keyboard to enter your name.
You can use alphabet,Hiragana and Katakana.
3. Select Kanji Type
Different kanji have different meanings. Tap the appropriate button to choose whether to use kanji with positive meanings, kanji with negative meanings, kanji that are often used in Japanese names, or to test your luck with a random selection. Also select whether you are male or female.
Please note that if there are no appropriate kanji of the type chosen that match your name, kanji of a different type will be used.
4. Tap the “Create” Button
Excited? Your very own kanji name will be generated as soon as you tap the button.

* Make sure you are connected to the Internet.
* Depending on the quality of your connection, the conversion may take a little time.
5. Your Kanji Name Will be Displayed
The screen will change and display your kanji name vertically, one character at a time, from top to bottom. To the right of each kanji is a short translation of its meaning.
Tap the “X” button at the upper right to return to the name entry screen. Even using the same name and kanji type, you’ll end up with a variety of different results. Keep trying until you get a name with kanji whose shape and meaning you like.
6. Buy Merchandise With Your Original Kanji Name
Once you’ve found a name you like, tap the t-shirt icon at the lower right to check out mock-up images of merchandise such as stickers, iPhone cases, flip-flops and etc that have your kanji name on them.